Who’s behind this Blog?

I come from this little island in the middle of the Mediterranean, known for its coast, the sun, and its history, just a couple of KM separating us from Sicily. But I find myself thinking often of all the other countries in the world I want to be in. I am somewhat stuck between dreams and realities; frozen by doubts but yet excited by risks. That is why travelling solo and doing things alone scares me but entices me at the same time.

I like metaphors, comparisons, and detail in writing. So, I will describe myself as a tame hurricane engulfing opportunities and hugging connections along the way. I am often skeptical about people, but despite this, I find myself seeking new connections on so many different levels, and I am sometimes left in awe at the beautiful mind of some random people I come across (these are not many though). You may also ask ‘how can a Hurricane be tame though?’ and yes, it is contradictory (I contradict myself all the time); but I am this explosion of energy, clumsiness, random talk but at the same time sweet and gentle … insecure even.

And well, this insecurity stopped me from pursuing a lot of things in which I believed but then doubted they were good enough, and this insecurity encouraged me to please people for the wrong reasons … making me sad sometimes. I’ve decided that the only way forward against insecurity is staring back at it in the face, ignore it, and do what you have to do without a second thought. That is why I’ve decided in an authentic expression of how I witness the world, a raw description of feelings and experiences as they splatter in colour (or grey sometimes) on my own white skin. To simplify what I have just said – in starting and hopefully maintaining this blog, with the hope of reaching to you in the process.

Now I realize I didn’t even say my name, my age, or anything about work or what I do on a daily basis. So as random as I said I am, let me add this at the end because I think it is the least important information but still information about me no? My full name is Leanne Hallett (English surname) but I have pure Maltese blood. I prefer being called in short so Lee or Leah is enough. I have my birthday on 12th October 1993 and I am proud of being a LIBRA. The age you can guess yourselves now …

I graduated as a teacher in English and geography about five years ago but I did about 3 different jobs since then, ironically enough, never the one as a teacher. I have worked as a Science Show presenter in the one and only Interactive Science Centre in Malta – ESPLORA, I have also worked in Finance, and currently I am working in administration within the same entity. This explains me being lost and still in search of what I see myself doing as full-time basis. We think that with age we mature and settle down, but in my case, settling down seems to be on the furthest point of the island.

It’s fine! It’s good to try things until you fall in love with that ONE thing that is YOU.

Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end.

A. J Lawless

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